A Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) senior human resource executive, Vivien Teoh Yi Wen, 27 received 1 year’s jail for stabbing her husband to death with a fatal wound inflicted to his heart.

The sentence, which will be backdated to her remand on 1st September last year, will allow Teoh to be released in September this year.

She had originally faced harsher charges, which were amended to charges of causing hurt on grave and sudden provocation. She admitted to stabbing her husband, Mr Gordon Yeo Han Tong, 33, in the chest with a knife at their flat in Senja Road in August last year.

The victim’s parents broke down upon hearing the verdict, calling the sentence “unfair” and accusing Teoh’s family members of being “inhumane”.

In August last year, the couple were already having marital problems and were sleeping in separate rooms. Teoh’s daughter slept in the same room as her.

On 30 August, Teoh had locked herself in the master bedroom with her 14 month daughter and refused to let her husband in. When she later emerged to get some milk for her infant daughter, her husband confronted her to ask her why she had locked the door.

She ignored him and pushed past him to get to the door. He followed her into the room, and demanded to read her phone for messages as her husband suspected that she had been having an affair for some time.

She refused and Mr Yeo snatched her phone, pinning her down and choking her while she fought wildly to get him to stop.

When he released her but refused to give her back the phone, Teoh kicked out at him. He choked her again as they fought over the phone, ending up in the kitchen toilet where he slammed her head against the mirror.

He managed to force her to give her the pin and read through her messages. Teoh then grabbed her daughter, went to the service yard and screamed: “Help, my husband is trying to kill me!”

Mr Yeo bashed open the door, which caused his infant to fall and hit her head. He was now carrying a knife and demanded his wife to return to the master bedroom where he told her she had one last chance to confess.

She admitted that she had been having an affair.

Enraged by this truth, he threatened to kill her, his daughter and then himself.

Teoh took off to the kitchen on pretext of getting some ice for their wounded infant. She saw a knife, grabbed it, and swung it at her husband, who tried to get her to put it down. She refused and ran back to the master bedroom.

Mr Yeo also got his own knife and went to the bedroom, where husband and wife fought in a stand off. As Mr Yeo advanced on her, she swung her knife widlly at him, inflicting a total of 11 wounds on his body, including one that penetrated his heart.

Teoh fled the house with her daughter and called her mother.

By 1.19AM, he was pronouned dead by paramedics.

She could have faced up to 6 years in jail and a fine of up to $10,000 for the offence.

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