Dear A.S.S. Editor

I spotted this note at my loft lobby this evening. We are staying at Blk 250 Bangkit Road and can fully understand what the writer is saying.

For the last few years, the open field beside Blk 251 Bangkit had been used for various religious activities. Over the last few years, the Organisers of such events stretched over the permitted 10.30pm. As they do not practice proper hygiene, there are always a lot of rodents present after the event. Nothing or minimal effort is done to ensure the hygiene of this place.

In fact, many residents had voiced out to the MP, Dr Teo Ho Pin, but nothing is being done. Worst, there are more events held in the open space and inconvenience the residents. Some may say this is what happens when you are the “70%”, but how many people actually realised that it could be the Town Council people who are doing nothing.

I hope that more can be done to prevent such things from happening. There is religious tolerance in Singapore, but also carrying way beyond the permitted limits.


A.S.S. Contributor

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