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So it has been confirmed, Singapore will have a new President come September this year. Minister Chan Chun Sing had just announced in Parliament that the Presidential Elections will take place in September, instead of the usual period of August, so that the campaigning will not take place during the celebrations of the National Day.

The next President of Singapore have been slated for Malay candidates, and if contested, we will see a campaign between Malay Presidential candidates for possibly the first time in Singapore history. President Tony Tan’s term ends on 31 August this year, it will be an interesting next few months as we will see who the Government will roll out as their selected President. Judging from their criteria, and by the fact that the next President is from a minority, we may not even see a real contest.

Eight months before Singapore gets a new President! Same same but different!

Nor Rahim

A.S.S. Contributor

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