Dear A.S.S. Editor

Hi, I am doing Grab Hitch on a regular basis to cover my travelling costs, it was a very interesting platform as you get to meet many different people each time. But there are of course, some f**ked up passengers you will face sometimes.

On the 5th of Feb 2017, I accepted a ride from 58, New Upper Changi Road by the passenger name GAYATHRI. She placed her booking on 10:50pm initially and told me to wait for her till 10:55pm as she will be late. I told her I’m ok with waiting for a while. God knows, after texting her at 11pm, she told me she is coming down. At 11:10 pm, she claimed that her grandmother is in the clinic and told me to leave if I can’t wait. I called her and she chose not to answer. After waiting for a good 25-30mins, she cancelled the ride.

Such irresponsible act of hers costs me $0.60 of carpark charges. It’s not about the 60cents I’m pissed off about, it’s her irresponsible and selfish act that really turns me off.

Hope that karma will strike her one day.


A.S.S. Contributor

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