Dear A.S.S. Editor

Today’s news just released indicated that commuters satisfaction levels with public transport rose to 96.4%, which is the highest in 9 years! The improvement in commuters satisfaction covers across all service attributes for bus and MRT.

Just who did the Public Transport Council (PTC) survey? 96.4% satisfied that the the services offered by MRT and bus improved? Wonder they survey all these people during non-peak hours, where there are no jam-packed public trains and buses, the buses arrived on time because all car drivers already at work, and MRT never breaks down. Try asking the commuters taking the train and buses during actual peak hours. Surely the result would have been 96.4% not satisfied.

Either that, or the surveyed people during peak hours were really replying in jest – “Sure, we are happy with all the delays, the packed buses and trains and arrival of public transport late by a few minutes” As long as the respondents say happy, means everything is good.

Perplexed Commuter

A.S.S. Contributor

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