For every abuser who hurts our animals, there are many who rescue and love them. Jon Snow was found with a tight armour of masking tape all around her body. She was so stressed, Dr Tricia Ling and vet techs could only remove the tape with her under sedation.

Initially, rescuers thought Jon Snow might have stepped onto a glue trap. But actually this seems worse. Because she could have stood there, trustingly, while her abusers taped her up.

Thank you Nurashik Mosneri, Farid, Yishun 326 Tabby cat and everyone who made Jon Snow’s rescue possible. She is resting now and we hope she gets over this trauma soon. Do get in touch with Yishun 326 to support their tireless work. #MountPleasantMandai

P.S. This music piece is aptly titled “You Are In A Safe Place”. No one will hurt you now Jon Snow.

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