Mr Peter Jansen, 64, and his wife, Elizabeth Jansen, 60, boarded SBS Transit bus service 14 on Saturday. Little did they suspect that this bus ride would cause Elizabeth to be so badly injured, she would have to be hospitalized for 6 weeks.

When the elderly couple boarded the bus, it jerked twice and caused a woman passenger to slam into Mr Jansen, who toppled back onto his wife, who fell on her back and cracked her pubic bone.

Despite seeing the elderly woman in obvious pain, the driver kept on driving. Mr Jansen asked the bus driver to stop, but the driver ignored him.

In the meantime, other passengers had gathered to help aid Elizabeth to the front row seats and joined the crowd asking the bus driver to stop. Yet the bus driver continued to drive on.

Mr Jansen recalled, “I think he gave us a glance but… he continued driving while my wife was in terrible pain.”

Despite the commotion, the driver reached his next stop and continued to let other passengers on board. When confronted by Mr Jansen, who demanded that she stop and call an ambulance, the driver said, “Uncle, give me chance.”

The driver was eventually forced to call the SBS Transit headquarters and an ambulance arrived to take Mrs Jansen to Changi General Hospital.

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