I hope this post goes viral because i feel this Uncle has to be praised for going beyond his call of duty as a Uber driver.

On 4 February at around 12.20 am midnight, I boarded Mr Razib’s vehicle (SKE5092U). We were already halfway through the trip when I realised I had lost my coin purse, which at that time contained my IC, $50 cash, some photos etc. I started to panic and frantically asked Uncle to drive me back to the meeting point.

On the way back, I had found out from him that he was supposed to knock off from work a long time ago, but seeing how flustered I was, he agreed to help. Unfortunately by the time we got back, my purse was no where in sight therefore I had no money on me and I went home empty handed.

I was shocked when the Uncle said that I can just bank transfer him $10.94 (which was the initial charge EXCLUDING the trip back to the meeting point and home again.) I insisted that it was not enough. I quote from his reply “girl, just transfer me any amount, as Long as you have enough for yourself.” I was so touched by his words. I wanted to take a picture with him but I was too shy to ask him about it.

Hopefully this post is able to reach Uber and that Uber will compliment Uncle for his kind act towards his passenger. Furthermore, he had morning shift the next day yet he assisted me til around 1.30+ am.

On a side note, anyone that happen to pick up my pouch that are in pink colour (attach photo) in between Bishan Public Library and Junction 8 Service road please contact me. I only need my IC and the photos back. Thanks.

Laurel Ng
ASS Contributor

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