The aim of this post is to create awareness and hope it can help a fellow Friend in getting back his hard earn money. It’s not to shame anyone or aim at a member of a certain party.

This guy Sultan Mohd from our taxi group first try is telling us he has lobang for Samsung phones which is way below the cost price. I have been in this trade and know it’s totally impossible unless they are stolen or imitation. I challenged him to come out with the goods and after verify will pay him in cash. Of cos rejected by him cos he Wan the money to be transfer to him before he will release the goods. 🙂 when there’s no response by all the other members. He suggested to play tontines. Of cos no one response to him. So came his sad story to ask for loans. Some members out of sympathy transfer from $10-$30 to him. But the biggest amount is a $500 he ask for loan from one the member who he don’t even know or chat before. He promised the money will be returned in a weeks time in nov 2016. Of cos after the week he postpone to next mth. When the due date is up. In order for he to stall for time this time round he said he will pay in installments in which he didn’t. Den he say he will return all in one shot at the end of jan. Of cos he didn’t but he only return $50 after he borrowed the money for 2mths plus.

Of cos during that time we gave him the benefit of doubt. We also been through the ups and downs in life. Who knows after he borrowed the money one week plus later he jus return from a trip in SQ which a member notified us when he saw his post. When confronted his excuse it’s a retreat by his daughter’s school fully sponsored. Wow such a nice gesture by the school? Next his excuses include his Daughter is sick and he can’t drive his taxi as he need to take care of her. But was found out he actually was having outings with his family and relatives.

The attached screenshots are for ur reference and from the consent of the victim. U can judge it urself. Hope it can help him retrieve the $450 cos he is also in need of money but borrow to the mohd sultan cos of sympathy.

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