Hi allsingaporestuff,

The incident happened on 3 feb 2017, long story cut short, i was buying an item from carouseller named jayzlee, the deal was to meet up at pasir mrt.

Initially we were to meet at 5pm, he changed the time to 5.30pm and i accepted. i reached at 5.30pm and waited for him till 5.50pm. At 5.50pm he messaged me that he reached. Subsequently, admitting that he was just trolling me, wasting my time and effort while he was at home.

I initially decided to kind of let this go, but this morning, 4 feb, i received another message from him ”Dont angry ley boy, not happy go cry to your mummy. Useless person”…. kinda angry by that.

i did some search and found his private information with his given phone number, linked carousell account and followers/following sent it back to him and after that he kept quiet.

He is Jayz Lee, from Singapore Polytechnic, ( couldn’t find which course he was in )

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