In the recent case of culling of chickens in Sin Ming, who can verify that all those birds culled were domestic fowls? There is a high probability that there are red jungle fowls among them.

A healthy brood of red jungle fowls which are protected endangered species has been featured in a few documentaries (besides Wild City). Thus it is unbelievable when AVA claims that those were all domestic chickens. It is unlikely that a healthy brood of red jungle fowls ‘disappeared’ overnight to be replaced by a brood chickens.

Besides, AVA also claims that the birds were killed humanly. However, that is no explanation on the method used. If the current method to cull pigeons is used – it is very cruel. Pigeons are first poison to incapacitate their motion, so we see pigeons falling of ledges and roofs after ingesting poison but still alive. Then they are stuff into bags to suffocate slowly to death.

It is an irony that AVA being the ‘gatekeeper’ for the act on cruelty against animals condone such inhumane culling method for years.

Can we trust AVA to own self check own self ?

Georgia Tong
ASS Contributor

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