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Sad news for SIA yesterday. One of their air stewardess was found dead in a San Francisco hotel room, several hours before she was to depart from the city on the return leg of a long-haul flight. The SIA stewardess was named as Vanessa Yeap, 38, who was a senior stewardess on Flight SQ2 from Singapore to San Francisco with a stopover in Hong Kong.

San Francisco authorities are still investigating the cause of death. Ms Yeap had told her colleagues that she was not feeling well when the cabin crew arrived in San Francisco last Saturday. When they were scheduled to check out of their hotels on Tuesday night, Ms Yeap did not turn up. This was when her colleauges discovered her unresponsive in her hotel room.

Such a sad and tragic end for the stewardess. She went to San Francisco and was supposed to return home to Singapore for her job, but she never did get to finish her work. Condolences to her family on the sudden passing. Hope the SIA staff are required to undergo medical check ups frequently due to their long hours up in the air.

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