Hit & Run at Blk 841 Yishun St 81 Open carpark. To all my friends 1st, me and jade are away when damage took place. No one injured. Bike was park nicely on main stand at mention address, on 2/2/17 around 2230hrs to have dinner with 2 friends. By 0125, after depart with them, i notice my bike was out of position and true enough my bike had being knock down by someone.

It was park slanted with side stand instead, after some inspection being done, i had conclude that fellow must had hit the right side of my bike and landed flat on the left. lets the pictures attached do the explaining…. the main stand was dented as well & currently cannot be use.

I notice the CCTV at 840A MSCP was directly facing my bike, a NPP report was make on the spot as i requested for a footage review if possible. TP had being activate to understand the ground situations. since this was a hit & run case, they will take over the investigation and i can only hope for a proper footage to be capture.

Please help to share this out, i hope any witness can put information to assist in this investigation. The irresponsible culprit must not go Scot-free
i can be reach @ 9eight45 6357 if u have any information. Thank you and all helps are appreciated.

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