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Latest report on the Red Dot Traffic Building is that it is going to be taken over by the Ministry of Law in May as part of the expansion of the adjacent Maxwell Chambers. And as part of the takeover plans, a $25 million restoration plan was announced for the building, including restoring the building to its original off-white colour.

The building, built in 1928, is currently home to the Red Dot Design Museum and other tenants. The iconic building at 28 Maxwell Street used to house the former Singapore Traffic Police Headquarters, and was given conservation status by the Urban Redevelopment Authority in 2007. It’s now well-known for its eye catching red colour, and that since it hosts the Red Dot Design Museum, the colour was apt for the building. With the Ministry of Law taking over, the Museum will probably be consigned to history.

Seems like yet another iconic building given a modern makeover, even though they are just going to be restored to their original boring colour. To spend $25m on restoration, surely hope the Ministry of Law have grand plans for the building. Don’t let it be like another National Library Building at Stamford Road, which was demolished to make way for a road. National icons taken off Singapore’s collective memories forever. We are a notion that have no time for memories and icons, it seems.

Jane Wong

A.S.S. Contributor

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