Dear A.S.S. Editor

News just released that the policeman involved in the Kovan double murder in July 2013 had his appeal against the death sentence upheld. He will still face the hangman’s noose.

Former policeman Iskandar Rahmat was sentenced to death for viciously stabbing to death Mr Tan Boon Sin and his son Mr Tan Chee Heong. The courts ruled that he had intended to kill the elder Tan for money, due to Iskandar facing bankruptcy and dismissal from the Police Force.

Good that the sentence was upheld, despite his lawyers arguing for his case as having adjustment disorder and suffering from acute stress reaction. A policeman is expected to uphold the law amd protect the citizens, not go around scheming to get their money and murdering them. He deserves the punishment handed down to him!

Mohd Faizal

A.S.S. Contributor

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