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So, AVA said they will cull wild chickens if they receive complaints over noise, while NParks has said that they will cull the wild chickens to prevent interbreeding with their endangered ascendants, the native red junglefowl.

In this year of the rooster, this is not good news at all for the wild chickens. Seems like the chickens days of running wild all over Singapore are over, as two government agencies have them in their sights. Funny thing is, are there that many wild chickens left in Singapore? Seems like all the chickens found in Singapore are those ready to be cooked ones or in fast food outlets. Don’t see any live chickens running around all over Singapore.

What few that are left, and they are going to be culled. Thanks to people who cannot stand the noise of chickens, we can say goodbye to them. What do these people expect, the chickens to have their mouths taped shut?

Chix Lover

A.S.S. Contributor

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