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A Saudi Diplomat, who is based in Beijing, was found guilty in court today for forcefully molesting an intern at a Sentosa hotel. The 39 year old diplomat, Bandar Yahya Alzahrani, had apparently trapped the intern in the toilet of his hotel room, and for the next 15 minutes, he proceeded to hug the intern, violently molested her, kissed her face and her neck, and rubbed his body with the intern’s.

The diplomat claimed that the intern had in fact planned this incident with some others, so they can extort money from him. This claim was immediately dismissed by the judge, saying that the diplomat was an unreliable witness, as at the end of his questioning, he even claimed the intern had fallen in love with him.

These kind of people should be put behind bars for a long time. Diplomats think they are above the law, can even make ridiculous claims that the intern wanted to blackmail him and had fallen in love with him. Good that he was in Singapore for a holiday, and not as a diplomat, so no diplomatic immunity. Jail him, cane him, make sure he knows he is an idiot who thinks the world revolves around him!

Wee C K

A.S.S. Contributor

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