Desperate times call for desperate measures.

HIT AND RUN: Seeking help from residents/drivers/shopkeepers/bus captains who happened to witness this incident.

On 31st Jan 2017 around 720pm, I was heading to Tampines 1 for dinner and parked my bike at the carpark beside Tampines Bus Interchange (behind the row of shophouses where you see McDonald’s, a pawnshop and a POSB Branch). It is a pretty narrow road and it is usually fill with cars during dinner time.

I came back for my bike at around 920pm. As I got nearer I saw a slip of paper resting on my fuel tank (on hindsight I would really be more glad if it’s a summon). The paper read ‘Dear FBG3869E, someone bang your bike and it dropped. I helped to bring it back up. There is a car (SJY2547B) with a camera parked beside you. You can go to him if you wanna see who bang into your bike. And next time, please park properly”

To be honest, I was complacent and did parked my bike with the rear slightly out of the lot. I could only imagine how fast that driver was going in that narrow carpark by the damage on my bike. My front fairing cracked, side mirror detached, low beam light broke, clutch pedal dented and multiple scratches on the side fairing. I will not be able to file a claim against my own policy and can only hope I can find the driver involved.

I am appealing to the passerbys who have witnessed the incident to hopefully provide me with some details of the car involved. If you happened to have parked in the same area and your car has a camera installed (including SJY2547B), I would really appreciate if you can review your footage. You can drop me a direct message or whatsapp me at 9one872019. To everyone else reading this, if you are gunning for the 12mil TOTO draw, there are plenty of numbers above for you to pick (so please help share this with your friends)

I want to take this chance to thank the kind soul who dropped me that note, I would have been really disoriented if not for you. Not forgetting some concerned passerbys who stopped and offered help when I was trying to get my bike running again.

With all that has happened, I still believe that we are living in a civilised nation. To the driver involved, I hope you ran because you panicked and I want to offer you a chance to make this right.

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