Dear A.S.S. Editor

Reports today came out in the papers that a possibly mentally unsound 48 year old woman was arrested under the Mental Health Act, after she apparently stripped naked and blocked a van from moving at Bendemeer Road.

Seated on Bendemeer Road at around 7.30am, the woman held up both arms to block the van. A man came forward and gave her clothes, after which the woman put on the clothes and left with the man. However, she later returned to the same spot where she took her clothes off again and even slid under the van to lie down in front of the wheels. Police arrived on the scene and took about 10 minutes to talk to the woman, before getting her to finally put on her clothes back on and arresting her. No reasons was given as to why she was trying to block the van, or if the van driver had any relationship to the woman.

Living in Singapore must be so stressful for the woman to leave her dignity and possibly being not sound of mind.

Darin Yang

A.S.S. Contributor

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