Dear Editor,

My dad, age 65, passed away suddenly on 26th of Jan 2017 @ 1928hrs at TTSH.

He has been warded since 2 months ago and awaiting for placement in a nursing home. I managed to get him one and transfer supposed to take place on 01-02-2017. On 26th Jan ard 1730hrs, TTSH nurse called me and inform me that something happened to him at the ward, and they transferred him to A&E dept immediately. The doctor there will call me soon to update me. When the doc called me apprx 15mins later, he urged me to be at the hospital asap as my dad is in critical condition and they are resuscitating him . I got there as quickly as possible. Told the nurse at A&E that the doctor wants to See Me. I waited till about 2000hrs then I saw the doctor. He broke the news to me that my dad passed away at 1928hrs. He explained to me what actually happened in the ward.

My dad is suffering from Dementia, and he got no teeth or dentures. He died due to Acute Airway obstruction by foreign object. To be precise, the object is a piece of watermelon. I suppose it was together with the dinner. Why no one in the ward saw him struggling, no one inform the nurses, why was he given a slice of watermelon knowing he got no teeth. Why didn’t any nurse feed him dinner? Why only pronounce him dead at 1928hrs when the nurse performed CPR on him in the ward after they found him unconscious? Why was my dad on the floor when he supposed to be restraint? There’s too many Why.

The only verdict I can think of is, there’s some ways of negligence on the hospital part. If his death not suspicious, why coroner need to do a post morten and police were notified and investigation has started. I hope to share this saddening event with A.S.S. to let everyone know how our professional medical workers can be so negligence.

I am seeking redress for my dad’s death!!!

A.S.S Contributor

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