While people are renting a boyfriend during CNY, my parents are “renting” money so that we can have enough to buy oranges, clothes and to give Hong Baos to our relatives’ children so as to prevent our relatives from looking down on our plight. Even if they never say, they will treat us very differently from our wealthier relatives.

And that’s why every year I want to skip CNY because it is very financially draining on me and my parents and because since I am the only child, more Hong Baos are given rather than taken.

However, my parents are very traditional and 爱面子, so they will usually get into a lot of debts for CNY, then there will be a lot of quarrels over money subsequently after CNY. And the prices of everything increasing during this period is not helping as well.

That’s why I hope my friends can be more understanding and see why I am always very negative about CNY while you guys are so hyped about it. I really don’t mean to insult my own culture. I just don’t see a reason why traditions must be kept if it makes my family so miserable, just because the culture mandates everybody to do it. I am really sorry

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