Dear A.S.S. Editor

I hope you can continue to raise awareness that our MOM law is not only toothless and anti workers but also one siding only with employers.

I have been working at Patxxxx Pte Ltd since the 90s, which is Malaysian company run by a “datuk kam” and his sister who have been cheating on S’porean workers of our 13th month bonus ever since the law was amended to do away with it since 2008, blaming it on a crisis. But if that the case, then why are MPs of both divides still enjoying their 13th month bonus while remaining silent about companies who exploit loophole in the law to disadvantage local workers?

This is the 9th year that Patxxxx Pte Ltd has been cheating on workers’ salaries knowing that the government and unions are “on their side”. They tried to pull the same stunt on our Malaysian colleagues in JB several years back but was taken to task by DAP MP Lim Kit Siang who championed real action on their behalf and initiated a strike. datuk kam eventually relented.

I really cannot understand why Malaysia, a third world country have first class MPs while ours campaign on all kinds of promises but become mouses after being sworn in? #weneedaworkersrevolution


A.S.S. Contributor

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