Dear A.S.S. Editor

CAREFUL! Charity “Ripoff” Nowadays, there are some people carrying this A4 Size brochure. These people will approach and persuade you to donate money to them. They coerced you to donate a minimum of $10. I’m not really sure how much goes to charity, but, I know that $4, 40%, will go to the person and some of the money will go to their boss. Just think about how much actually goes to the charity. Some of these people even have the audacity to pocket the $10 themselves.

If you think you will not be persuaded to donate to them, please beware. These people know our weak spots and use all kinds of tactics to get us to give them our money. These people are trained to take our money. They know about body languages, facial expressions and what words to use to manipulate us, in giving them our money.

I hope that you guys can spread this story around. And I hope that you guys will not give your money to these people, but to actual charity organisations, such as cancer foundations that really need your help instead.

Beware of Charity Scammers

A.S.S. Contributor

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