Dear A.S.S. Editor

I read with amusement that some Sin Ming residents had complaint to the authorities that the chicken running wild in their estate have been making far too much noise. These chickens had been roaming freely around Thomson View and Blocks 452 to 454 Sin Ming Avenue for years, but after receiving complaints about the noise that they made, the AVA have put down the chickens.

It’s funny how many Singaporeans complain that Singapore has modernised too fast, and that we have abandoned our Kampung spirit in the pursuit of urban living. But at the first sign of kampung living taking shape in the form of the chickens, residents complain that they make too much noise, and authorities have had to put the chickens down.

So basically, Singaporeans want to reminisce about the old Singapore and complain that Singapore was not what they used to be, but once faced with the old times, they complain. Conform then, that Singaporeans favourite pastime is to complain.

Chee A M

A.S.S. Contributor

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