My fellow Singaporeans, I don’t think we should view racism in Singapore less seriously than we view racism in America.

At least America – even under Trump – does not have the following:

-exclusion of Muslims in key positions in the military
-mass import of Chinese and Indians to ‘keep the racial balance’
-forced integration of racial communities
-discouraging those who earn less (usually Malays) not to have more than one children (LKY)
-practice of Eugenics (ask Google)
-female medical student quota

And, most important of all:
-no protests at all, meaning the protests that are happening around America now will not take place at all because even a gathering of one single person (reduced from 5, in 2011), is considered illegal.
-no independent free press to check and counter the government.
-non-sepration of powers as Executive, Legislative, and some say Judiciary, are the same powers.

Before we go ra-ra about guiding Trump ‘on what is right’, like some Bertha Henson does, let’s look at our own backyard.

We are a country that does not even:
-allow chewing gums
-allow homosexual lifestyle scenes on national TV
-allow any independent, free-of-govt-control TV or radio station
-allow TOC or TRE to be free from gazetting and attack
-allow alternative reading of history
-mention certain ‘sensitive’ historical events in textbooks
-dialects on TV and radio

We do not even know:
-how much exactly do we have in our reserves
-how much we lost through GIC and Temasek
-how much our ministers and politicians earn (real amount) and have

We also have no control over:
-the drawing of electoral boundaries
-the enactment of laws
-the content of school curriculum
-all major decisions and policies
-our own CPF money

Until today, uncompensated and unrecognised victims of the PAP regime include:
-Operation Coldstore detainees
-Operation Spectrum detainees
-Chia Thye Poh (longest political prisoner in the world)
-Chee Soon Juan
-Roy Ngerng
-Amos Yee (youngest political prisoner in the world)

Will Trump do even one-tenth of the above?

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