Dear A.S.S. Editor

I would like to relate to your site, of the frustrations faced each and every time my aged father and I have to deal with the Medical Social Services of SGH whose staffs and QSM never fail to quote the blanket legislation when rejecting applications for the dispensation of the MediFund (part of 3Ms) that was meant to help lower income. The fund always snowballs anyway, as there are huge surpluses generated from rejection for most applicants.

I am only drawing $1.6K and the sole breadwinner having to look after my elderly father (age 62) who though has not reached 65 years old but genuinely unable to work due to osteoarthritis. The SSO has been trying to force him to get back to work but backed off when I asked for a guarantee if they would be held responsible should anything happen to him. Even my colleagues from China were shocked this was happening to my father as they said their government will never do this to anyone above 55. They further said their communist government ensures the decent living of every Chinese elderly there and most of them spend time either doing leisurely stuffs or play with their grandchildren!

After stringent “means testing”, SGH claimed that I have around $100 ‘surplus’ from my monthly salary after deducting transport, 3 daily meals, household bills and other miscellaneous expenses, hence they are unable to assist in my dad’s case which requires regular follow-ups, physiotherapy with medications. They claimed that I should have exactly $0 balance (with no savings or any other means) or a deficit to warrant MediFund assistance.

Now I would like to ask all readers if $100 in the most expensive country really considered a lot? What if something unforeseen happens and my father or myself requires urgent attention. $100 can’t even pay for an ambulance ride mind you!

I am surprised that the PAP government and their lackey still has the audacity to behave in this manner, considering the current global trend of change occurring around us and their lack of creativity to lead our nation forward. LKY can only die once and his memory is fast fading among us and I hope both SDP and WP will pull their socks a little and buck up on their ground interactions in wards they contested but lost even as the rest like Nicole Seah have already faded into yesteryears memory!

Selena Ong

A.S.S. Contributor

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