Netizen Thomas Ho shared a video of an errant cyclist who tailgated a big lorry on the left lane before going onto the first lane (fast lane) and cutting in front of his car. Due to the cyclist's dangerous act, the driver honked him and this caused the reckless rider to become unhappy. When the cars came to a stop at the traffic light, the irate cyclist doubled back to gesture at the driver and made some remarks which were inaudible.

Why are cyclists so brazen in breaking our traffic rules when the law is clear on what they are allowed and not allowed to do? Does this cyclist need to hit the pavement before he will realise the recklessness of his actions? One wrong move is all it takes for the cyclist to be greviously injured.

Will LTA make the effort to track down this cyclist and bring him to justice?

This was what he shared on his Facebook:

"1. He chases after the lorry… (its that the blind spot?)

2. He goes to the 1st lane to overtake and cuts into the middle lane right before my moving car… (of course i have to sound my horn to warn him of his dangerous act)

3. He comes over infront of my car as if the road is his playground and gives me some remarks and hand gestures… With the new traffic rules?

Is this what we will be facing when we are on the road now?"


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