Even though today is Chinese New Year, it doesn’t feel like it. Once the clock strike midnight, there are plenty of unhappiness & bad luck still lingering around our house. One of the perfect example is this weird guy lingering outside our house since 2am & he came back at 2.30am again to take pictures of our house from outside our gate for who knows what reason. Too sneaky & suspicious. Only he knows what he want to do to us or our house man. Reported to the police, they are doing some patrolling around the area to look out for this young chinese man wearing red ocs singlet, black 3/4 basketball shorts, black slippers.

Keep a look out and lock all your doors at all time.

The reason why i put CCTV along my corridor is because there are a lot of awful people ( or neighbours ) stealing our clothes, footwear, & even throwing their lit cigarette butts into our house. So far there were no repeated cases when we setup our CCTV after that but it is totally worth it to set up one to watch who passes by our doors on purpose, after all i have a young child in the house, to me, my child’s safety will always be number 1. Whatever he’s thinking, to steal or what, i hope he will kill that idea, as most of the time, 24/7 we have someone at home. Even if the CCTV outside didn’t capture your face, another hint, when you break into our house, there is another CCTV watching who comes in** the front gate. No matter what, we knows who the heck comes in & out of our house, for our safety.

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