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Among the proposals found in the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) report Action Plan Singapore, is that in order to recognise and encourage caregiving, a system would be set up whereby Singaporeans bank in the hours they spend on volunteer care for use as credits to get care respite or have others care for them later in life. Action Plan Singapore addresses possible scenarios here in a decade’s time and how innovation, skills and longevity would affect that future,

Singapore’s population for those ageing is on a very sharp rise, thus the need for this report. It does seem like finding the number of volunteers to help out the elderly is fast becoming more difficult to actually meet the rising demand. Thus, the need for this proposal, where basically if you volunteer, then the next time you need elderly help, you already bank in volunteer care through the volunteer work you had done. So, if you volunteer, then chances of you getting elderly care in the future is almost assured.

Like that, might as well don’t call it volunteer anymore. Such a sad state when we have to work in taking care of the elderly now, in order for the younger generation to take care of us when we get old. Whatever happened to children looking after their elderly parents?

Anthea Tay

A.S.S. Contributor

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