I realized every activist who presents a sad, traumatic experience whenever they get imprisoned by a tyrannical government has been going about it the wrong way. They think protratying their time in prison as sad or traumatic would cause the public to feel anger toward the government and be more willing to speak up for these activists, but what actually happens is that that creates fear in an already frightened population and makes them less likely to speak up. So I think if a human rights activist is unjustly sent to prison, for both their mental health, public image and social influence, it’s important to portray the jail experience like it’s just a mild inconvenience. And really for most people, it is.

Unless you are sent to jail for more than 6 months which is very unlikely for illegal public protests or for exercising free speech not much of your life is wasted and like me, you can actually spend that time in jail productively by exploring your mind and coming up with new ideas that can change the world, or for most people read books and you can be lucky enough to get writing materials and TV in there. You’re not going to get tortured at all in jail, I think, unless you’re in really awful backward countries like the ones in the Middle East. The biggest challenge you’ll face is most likely boredom but most people would’ve suffered years of mundanity in school or the work force, so compared to that it really is a breeze.

Therefore portraying a prison experience like it’s a walk in the park is honest; in fact, protratying it as torturous is most likely dishonest. I’m getting this impression that the public feels like prisoners are anxious, fearful and shivering the entire time they’re in their cell, which is bollocks. You have a short period of shock perhaps the first time you set foot in prison, but after a few days you get over it and hopefully start enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and variety of interesting personalities around you. So I think everyone should start presenting and viewing a short prison experience truthfully as simply a non-traumatic mild inconvenience, and not some absolutely life-ruining experience that completely destroys your family’s fuck-up legacy.

Reducing the fear of prison amongst citizens will make them more comfortable and be willing to conduct illegal public protests and criticize religion and the government boldly in anti-free speech tyrannical countries that need reform because the sacrifice will be seen as truly miniscule and that will liberate the masses from fear of expressing rebellion toward authoritarianism and creates the change society needs to free the masses from poverty and economic enslavement. The people must rise.

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