According to a viral video on vidsee (link removed), a Singaporean resident of a HDB flat got a shock when she saw a young couple passionately making it out at the staircase of her block. She used her handphone to video the incident.

Indeed the couple was so obsessed that they continued what they were doing, even when the lady asked them “What are you doing?”

Minister Josephine Teo would probably have been overjoyed to see young people having sex in public without waiting till they can afford a HDB flat!

In the video, the couple are seen taking their own sweet time to react to the lady who caught them. After they were done, the girl moved away from the guy and is seen picking up her pants. The girl is not shown clearly in the video and thus no nudity is seen. The guy is heard zipping up his pants and putting on his belt.

It is not known why the girl needed to take off her pants if the sex act was just oral sex.

Anyway, the boyfriend of the girl tried to act macho and confronted the sinkie lady, demanding that she delete the video from her phone because it violates their privacy. The guy sounded like a Singaporean.

The lady is heard arguing that the couple should not be having sex in public because this space belongs to the Housing & Development Board. The lady told them that the block is not a hotel. She demanded to know if they are underage, to which the guy responded and said they were not. The lady obviously went home and uploaded the video and spread it…

How dare the lady interrupt public sex!? The couple were just obeying our esteemed Minister Josephine Teo!

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