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Please see the attached image.

According to a certain infamous forum, perverts in Singapore are having the best time of their lives.

Look at the number of girls they have video-ed in the toilet!

Sometimes the perverted guys discuss the videos and make derogatory comments about the girls’ toilet behaviour – like whether they shave pubic hair, wear panties or wipe themselves or not. It is sickening.

Girls, please be careful and check for hidden cameras whenever you use a public toilet!

The huge number of upskirt videos and toilet voyeur videos shows that it is a thriving business in Singapore and these perverts are even selling the videos of their victims for profit.

Some perverts even compare the size of their collections and boast online!

What is the Singapore Police Force doing? Sleeping on the job?

Are they going to do anything to protect women from the hordes of perverts?!

ASS Contributor

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