Dear Editors,

Hong Kong and their puppet master China has finally decided to return Singapore our terrex just before the Chinese New Year. Guess they are superstituous that such debts cannot be owed beyond the new year.

Our PAP ministers are now blowing their own trumpets saying that they were working silently behind the scenes to resolve the crisis. They claim that everything is fine now and we can put this matter behind us.

What our millionaire ministers fail to address is whether our terrex and “other equipment” have been compromised by PRC military scientists after they were moved indoors, without public scrutiny.

What exactly was the “other equipment” detained by the Chinese? Was it sensitive communications equipment which the SAF integrates into the terrex for field communications with other branches of our military? Has our military hardware been tampered with?

These are all important questions that needs to be answered truthfully by our Ministers and not sweep this episode under the carpet and pretend all is good. Has Singapore’s national security been compromised and how much taxpayers dollars do we have to waste on changing our compromised systems?

Faisal Mohd
A.S.S. Contributor

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