Dear Editor,

Pervert caught masturbating with neighbour’s clothes.

On the early night on 25 Jan 2017 at about 2035hrs, one of my neighbours called me and asked for help . He told me he caught a foreign worker masturbating with our neighbour’s clothes. It’s becoming a norm these things are happening in this area but when we Residents tried to help by writing in to our MP or relevant authorities. We were made known off that the help from us Residents are not welcomed by the RC because firstly we Residents are seen as unregistered volunteers and we were even brandish by someone from the RC as churlish and uneducated but seriously I would like to ask at times like this, where are the those people who rejected our help?

We had spoken to various relevant authorities but the moment the emails from the Residents stopped , all relevant authorities also slacken. We have sound our concerns, contribute some ideas to step up the safety concerns here but all are shot down. Reasons given would be the proposed idea is not financially justifiable or because of our unique terrains, our block consisted of commercial units at the the first and second level while the rest of the block are Residential so stake holders welfare must be taken into considerations too so how about the Residents? We have our female family members young and old here too. So the safety concerns of our female family members are not important?

Kelvin Lim
A.S.S Contributor

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