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NUS have finally came out with their guidelines that bars activities of a negative nature in their freshman camps. In their own words, the NUS indcated that they have implemented a new framework that bars activities with “negative features” from its freshman orientation camps that caused a public outcry last year.

The framework, which spells out rules and guidelines, was sent to students yesterday. It covers all orientation activities organised for first-year students of the new academic year.These guidelines are not only applicable to the orientation camps itself, but to activities outside of the orientation camp formal hours. Amongst the guideines, it is specified that all activities planned must be vetted first by NUS, and that there must be a ration of at least one safety officer per 50 students.

All these were a direct result of the public outcry against the activities these students were forced to carry out, which included acting our rape scenes, and doing other sexually suggestive activities. Wonder why the student leaders came out with such activities in the first place. Are universities here developing students who have a natural tendency towards perverted sexual thoughts? Surely planning activities with sexual intentions in them and thinking this is all in the name of fun are signs of a perverted society.

Mindy Wang

A.S.S. Contributor

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