Our readers have shared posts about several bike thefts in Yishun over the past few months.

According to our readers, they suspect that a serial bike thief or bike thieves gang in Yishun have set up base in the town.

This was the experience of one of our readers near Yishun block 756, which had a CCTV installed at the bike bay:

“I went to my friend’s house at yishun blk 756. I locked it in a pipe where i usually park my bike. It was near the bike bay and there was only one cctv in the area.

When i was about to leave at around 3pm, my bike was gone including the black lock. The color of my bike is black and yellow, branded as HERCULES with shimano gears.”

According to another reader, he said that he had lost 2 bikes in the span of 3 months since November 2016.

“I want to warn all bike users in yishun, don’t park your bikes in public! bring in to your house if possible because even bicycle bay with cctv cannot stop these thiefs. over the last 3 month I have lost 2 bikes, one expensive one and one cheap market one. I don’t know why but they are targeting bicycles even with lock and chain. Better be safe than sorry!”

Users from a local bicycle enthusiasts forum also reported the same spate of bike thefts in the town, which seemed to occur to anyone and everyone, regardless of bike price and design.

Can the Singapore Police Force stop this madness in Yishun?

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