Our reader has shared with us her story of how Courts SG’s delivery driver went missing with her fully paid for clothes dryer, leaving our reader without a dryer to dry her family’s laundry before CNY.

The delivery man called my mom at 11pm, 25 Jan. He told her that his vehicle broke down that’s why he couldn’t send the delivery. So he asked my mom if it’s okay for him to deliver it to us tomorrow which is today, 26 Jan. My mom said okay, and told him to come at 11am. So this morning 11am, my mom tried to call him for at least 3 times, he didn’t pick up. He just went MIA.

I received a call from Courts at 11.30am, telling me they will investigate this issue and told me that the delivery guy are not allowed to make a decision on his own for telling my mom he will be deliver the item to us today.

We called Courts at 2:20pm, asking when they gonna delivery it to us today. They actually told us that they highly doubt that it can be delivered to us by today.

Firstly, I believe there ain’t only 1 vehicle in the company. Secondly, they didn’t even bother to update us that they couldn’t make the delivery by 25 Jan 2017.

And It’s just one day away from CNY eve. And we are getting this kind of shits from Courts. We urgently needed the dryer. We have a large families’ laundry that needs to wash and dry to get ready for CNY.

I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. But hey I am a paying customer. Don’t make my life difficult. Ain’t we tired of calling and calling Courts just to ask for our fucking delivery? If you gonna take this to investigation, at least deliver us our fucking dryer.

I always thought that Courts SG was the most reliable retailer. Bullshit. Think twice before purchasing from them.

Fuck you, Courts SG.

Sue me then.

A.S.S. Contributor

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