With the government talking about reduction I car population in Singapore and also driving towards a Car Lite society, I think the government is going at the wrong direction, traffic seems heavier every now and then and having a high occurrences of traffic accidents. Let me state some of the possible cause for all these:

1. This is a way long overdue reason, is that car prices in Singapore were sold together with the COE prices and therefore, a buyer would just have to fork out the required downpayment and the rest can be paid off by car loans. Hence, it makes cars more easier and affordable to own due to monthly repayment scheme.

I suggest that the government look into making car buyers pay the COE in full upfront together with the down payment, also make the loan amount percentage lower. By doing so, many people will think twice before buying a car due to the fact that they have to fork out more money to have a car.

2. Now that with uber and grab and also some ride hitching apps, it seems like it’s also another good way for people to have a car, all they need is to just pick up a fare and do so until they cover their cost and petrol and the car will be theirs. Many people are using this as a way to own a car too.

As for this issue, I hope the government will impose a registration fee for cars to be converted or registered under Private hire scheme and also make sure that the car used for private hire must not be on loan, which means it must be fully paid off. This will deter smart people from making use of uber and grab fares to cover the cost of their cars. And also, restrict the usage of ride hitching apps to weekdays operations only, with a limit of 2 hitch rides a driver can take per day.

Kindly share your thoughts on my suggestions, it will more or less drive Singapore to Car lite society.

A.S.S. Contributor

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