A 46 year-old naturalized Singapore citizen, whose brought his family to Singapore from the Philippines in 2005, has been sentenced to 2 years jail and 6 strokes of the cane after he pleaded guilty to 2 charges of outraging the modesty of his own daughter in 2009 and 2013.

A third charge of pinning her against the wall and kissing her neck was taken into consideration in sentencing.

The court heard that the first incident happened sometime in 2009, when the victiim, 10, was woken from her sleep after she felt a pressure on her private area. She woke up and saw her father touching her and was very shocked and confused.

He warned her against telling her mother, and repeated the same disgusting act on another night. This time, he tickled her until she turned to face him and rubbed himself against her.

The girl felt outraged and reported the incidents to her mother, who told the man to stop. He stopped the series of sexual assaults, but fell back into his habits once again in December 2013 when he molested the same daughter again at night.

The girl told her maternal relatives, who told her to lodge a police report. However, her mother persuaded her to wait until after her O level examinations as the family was financially dependent on the accused. Her father was eventually apprehended after she told her school counsellor that she was fearful of living with her father under the same roof, especially when she was left alone with him.

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