Please help to save the children

Just a minute of attention. Kindly share this post and help Duc Quang Home to support little angel Pham Duc Loc and his brother Pham Cong Tu to fight Hydrocephalus.

Duc Quang Home is part of Van Duc Temple in Ben Tre, Vietnam, which is currently housing 97 orphans from newborn to 18 years old. Some of them have birth defects.
1) Pham Duc Loc is being treated for Hydrocephalus and Pneumonia in KK WOMEN’S AND CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Ward 55 , Bed 18. He was operated to extract excess fluid which caused his prolonged infection. His health is improving each day; however, multiple treatments and operations are waiting to be done to improve his living.
2) Pham Cong Tu is currently hospitalised in Children’s Hospital 1, Vietnam, room 108, Contegious Ward, being treated for Hydrocephalus, Pneumonia and enlarged liver.

The Monks and charity supporters are trying their very best to provide best love and care. As all of us know how hard and expensive to follow medical treatment in Singapore, we would like to ask for your kind generosity to help these little angels to fight against their illness as well as to ease their caregivers’ future journey. Thank you very much for your attention and donation.

In Vietnam, please directly contact Vạn Đức Bên Tre, Tam Hiệp ward, Bình Đại district, Bến Tre province.
Telephone: 0916005165
Bank information:
Account holder: Cơ sở bảo trợ xã hội ngoài công lập Mái Ấm Đức Quang
Account Number: 7211 0000 766 802.
Bank Name: Bank of Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)
Branch: Bến Tre

**NOTE**: Kindly provide receipt number and phone number so that we can update data correctly and inform you once we receive the money.

In Singapore:
You may contact the main caregiver and/or any of these supporters:
– Monk Thích Trung Hậu, hp: 8650 5859
– Thao, Hp: 96898689
– Facebook Hoa Bồ Công Anh
– Facebook Gió Lạ Mùa Hạ
– Facebook Chúc Hạnh An
– Facebook Huong Nguyen
You can visit Duc Loc in KK hospital.
Bank information:
Account number: 249-65546-5
POSB saving account.
Account holder: Nguyễn Thị Thảo Hương
**NOTE**: Kindly provide transaction number and phone number so that we can update data correctly and inform you once we receive the money.

Once again, sincerefully we would like to thank you for your kind support and fundings. Your plentiful kindness have been being our great moral and financial support eversince and coming days.

Please accept our sincere appology if there is any convenience caused.
Gió Lạ Mùa Hạ

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