This is Debby, whom we suspect is part of the annual “spring cleaning” by some folks who throw out the old to welcome the new each year.

Despite reminders by so many people, groups and even the authorities that a pet is for life, groups and independent rescuers always need to be mentally prepared to find “new dogs” in their feeding ground at this time of the year. Yes, it still happens.

We don’t know how long Debby must have suffered because her ears had maggots crawling out of her and her left ear was completely shut, due to a very bad infection that was left untreated. We also did a complete blood count and found out she only has 1 platelet in her body. If she had bled, it wouldn’t stop.

It pains us to see how a dog that we see as pets could end up like this, whoever owned her must have gotten so sick of her and dumped her somewhere far so that she wouldn’t be able to find her way back. Her body is stricken by fungal infection for years that the skin has turned black. But she must’ve somehow got used to it now because she no longer scratches.

There’s more; she is microchipped!

Although she’s not licenced with the Ava, we will be lodging a report with them for suspected abandonment, in the hopes of bringing the person responsible to justice. It’s a long shot but we need to do it, for Debby’s sake.

She is estimated to be around 5 years old, very friendly and perhaps blind too, as she walked right into a drain. Very friendly girl and we will be getting her ears treated.

If you can foster Debby, please lend a hand. She now needs a home to recover so that she may be rehomed eventually. It will be a very long journey for her but we hope to be able to post her adoption one day when she’s ready.

For now, we would like to appeal for donations to help us with her vet bills. Her road to recovery will not be an easy route, and we hope to make it lighter on our pockets. If you can help Debby, please make a transfer to our DBS current account 015-903571-9.

Her bills will definitely go into the thousands and we desperately need your help now.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

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