A 60 year-old elderly woman simply wanted to try out a cheap massage promotion in a Chinatown shop, but ended up leaving the stall limping and injured from mistreatment at the hands of an unscrupulous masseuse.

The elderly woman, who declined to be named, said she had visited Chinatown in November last year when she came across a shop advertising a massage for just $18. Although the shop seemed to be a little suspicious and lacked a signboard, she could not resist the offer of a good cheap deal.

She went into the shop and was greeted by a young Chinese woman who showed her the way in and started performing the massage. Halfway through the massage, the Chinese masseuse began pushing a massage package that cost an upwards of a few hundred dollars! The masseuse was so persistent, she ended up paying $50 more to pacify the masseuse.

Soon after, the masseuse claimed that she would pass the elderly auntie to her colleague to continue the treatment. Little did she know that this “colleague’s” treatment included rough, violent pressing and movements. She was even burnt with hot, skin searing massage oil.

The elderly woman left the massage parlour suffering from aches and pains instead of feeling relaxed, and suffered from a persistent limp and pain throughout her body for weeks. She lodged a complaint with CASE over the incident.

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