I came across a very disturbing fact when dining at Bugis Village Mcdonald and I hope you can help highlight the immense challenges this 80 year old Eurasian gentleman is going through and I really cannot believe such instances do exist in First World Singapore, especially towards an elderly.

His name is Uncle Patrick de Souza and his house (which was left by his
mother deceased in the 70s) was repossessed by HDB in 1987 due to arrears and
he has been living in the streets of Sungei Rd since then before its closure
in 2015.

He has sought out Heng Chee How from 1997 for redress and allocation to a 2
room HDB, all but to no avail. He then looked up Mr Pritam Singh in 2011 who
regrets that he can’t help due to constituency boundaries restraint.

He was also being referred to Kampong Kapor Methodist Church and Eurasian
Association’s Timothy de Souza for urgent attention but they all declined to
help him, jointly issuing a statement through a “Mr Ram” saying they can’t do
much. This same Mr Ram has furthermore, jokingly called him a thief at 1 of
EA’s events in front of everybody saying that he “puts up” and “makes his
living” at Sungei Rd Thieves Market.

SSO Jalan Besar said that since he is a destitute, MSF resources cannot be
despatched to help him either.

He’s very sickly now with bloated stomach and swollen legs as he can’t afford
to seek medical treatment after being turned away twice by a polyclinic, I
hope you can publish his story so this poor Eurasian Uncle won’t have to die
in the streets without anyone knowing with his heavy baggage of belongings
that he’s struggling to carry.

But kudos to the Bugis Village Mcdonald manager though who took pity on his
plight and allows him to rest there while providing food and drinks to Uncle
de Souza.


Sandy Lam
A.S.S. Contributor

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