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Interesting to see that Singapore is trying to move towards a bike-sharing concept. According to reports, a plan to get more people on bicycles for short journeys is coming closer to fruition, with the only stumbling block being to find sponsors for the scheme. The scheme is expected to run into millions.

But, if all goes as planned, the pilot will be launched in stages in the Jurong Lake District, Marina Bay, Tampines and Pasir Ris from the fourth quarter of this year. Sentosa might also get their own bike-sharing scheme. Seems like the idea for bicycle sharing is gaining traction in Singapore. Will we see this national scheme take off?

Will more people get more inclined to rent bicycles and cycle the short distances around, now that the facility for bike renting is getting closer to being realised? While this is might be a good way to try to reduce the number of people dependent on public transport and private cars to get around, this solution is only for the short distances. This won’t alleviate the actual major issue, which is packed public transport and high number of cars on the road. After all, who would take bicycles to travel long distances?

Stella Ang

A.S.S. Contributor

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