Dear A.S.S. Editor

Read that Universal Studios welcomed their 25 millionth visitor, when two lucky Korean students on holiday in Singapore after completing their school term walked through the USS gates yesterday.

25 million visitors in a space of slightly less than 7 years! Not bad, if anything, it shows that the decision to build the USS was a very good economic plan. Singapore is a very land scarce country, so to be able to use a huge space to cater for a theme park of this size was a big decision. Good thing too, turns out it is a money generating theme park. Too bad Singapore don’t have a Disney Land, although it was a possibility quite a few years back.

Lately, we have seen our neighbours from across the causeway go all out to attract tourists by building all sorts of theme parks, including Lego Land. Singapore has to do all it can to make sure that we don’t lose out in terms of tourists numbers to other newer and better theme parks. We have the capabilities to attract millions to our attractions, we cannot lose this edge.

Tan B D

A.S.S. Contributor

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