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A week after their sacking of 54 employees went viral, the Temasek-owned company, Surbana Jurong, acknowledged that they could have handled the process better. They have also released a statement indicating that they are working closely to provide an “equitable and mutually agreeable arrangement” for the affected workers and to help them find new employment.

This comes after the company came under fire from everyone after it was reported that Surbana Jurong group chief executive Wong Heang Fine told employees in an email that the 54 affected workers were poor performers who could not be allowed to affect the rest of the organisation negatively. It does seem like the company was forced to backtrack on their strong armed policy, after their tactics received widespread condemnation. The Manpower Ministry said in a statement that the move to resolve the matter amicably is “positive and constructive”.

Let’s hope that this was a lesson to all that strong armed tactics don’t work in this millennium. Poor performers they must have been, but there was no need to to paint them in a light that made them responsible for the company’s own shortcomings. If anything, the poor performers could have been negatively affected by the organization’s top brass instead of them affecting the organisation.

M Zaidi

A.S.S. Contributor

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