Dear A.S.S. Editor

Yesterday, the Education Minister Ong Ye Kung finally came out and say what all Singaporeans know, that the party in power would really want to keep all the power to themselves. He came out and blatantly said that the one-party rule in Singapore is the best way forward to ensure Singapore’s success.

The people in power is now so scared of losing their grip on power, that it is now not enough to always find fault with opposition party. They rolled out their Minister to go out and say that if we dare choose any other party to provide the balance and check in Parliament, then Singapore is in danger of failing. So much for democracy. What happens then if that party in power, who already are made up of elites lose touch with the ground? They will be slow to change, and since there is no check and balance, become too comfortable in their positions that a culture of self-entitlement will rear its ugly head.

We already are seeing the political elites not in touch with reality of Singaporeans on the ground. The gap between the elites and the average Singaporean is just going to get wider.

Gavin J Pereira.

A.S.S. Contributor

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