This is Dasiyati, or affectionally known by us as Yati. She is not just my domestic helper, but my dear friend and a great nanny to my kids. She just returned from Semarang, Indonesia on 9 Jan 2017 after her well-deserved 2 weeks break. We were all excited that she is going to spend another 2 years with us.

But we noticed she had water retention when she returned and brought her to the GP the next day. There was blood and protein in her urine. Her BP was 200 and the GP ordered us to admit her to hospital immediately. She also started to experience pain in her body. After one week of investigations at Changi General Hospital, our worst fears were confirmed. She has kidney failure and her kidneys are functioning at only 10%. The next treatment she needs will be dialysis which the doctor predicted may take place in a year’s time. Eventually she will need to undergo transplant surgery.

I can’t help but to cry at the diagnosis. We hugged and cried together. With her condition, there is no way she can continue working for us. Also, she receives no subsidies here as she is a non-Singaporean. But my thoughts for her goes beyond Singapore. How can she pay for her treatment back in Indonesia? She still has a school-going daughter and her husband struggles to find work back home.

She will be returning to Indonesia very soon to continue her treatment. I will be managing the funds donated to her so as to ensure the funds are properly utilised. I will be providing updates through this page. My family and I will be giving her money to start something that can help them to sustain their livelihood eg buy a cow & chickens. We are believing the best outcome for her.

We are not sure what is the amount that will be needed to sustain her life. We are currently searching for hospitals in Indonesia and the treatment prices and will update here as soon as possible. The complication that she may need to relocate her entire family to a place where she will be able to get reliable treatment and to get access to a good doctor.

For now, we are hoping to raise $50,000 to help her and her family resettle and for initial treatments and medication. If there is anyone who can help to advise where she can seek treatment in Semarang, where she is staying, or other hospitals that has such renal treatments, please PM me.

No matter of the level of our economic status, I believe every individual deserves proper medical treatment and a chance in life. She is an individual loved by God and I believe together, our contributions can make a difference to her life. I appreciate any amount donated to her for our little is a lot to her. Also, please keep her in prayer as we continue to trust the LORD for a manifestation of a miracle in her life.

My handphone number is 90110061 if you need any clarification. Thanks for your giving and God bless you richly. And we appreciate any donation regardless of the amount.

Hebrews 13:16

16 And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.

Update as of 24 Jan 2017:

Dear all,

It is really heartening to see how all of you have responded to loving someone in such a practical way.

I have just accompanied Yati to return to her hometown. Her family missed her a lot as they were not able to be with her during her period of hospitalisation. She gets tired easily and needs lots of rest. It is sad to see her like that as she was once stronger than any of us at home.

A big thanks to those who have donated! Your giving irregardless of the amount has been a great blessing. It is also lovely to see the Indonesian community reaching out to us.

Based on the preliminary information I am receiving, the amount I have collected could be sufficient to sustain her treatment and even long term care. I am thankful for that. I am in the midst of verifying the information. Thus, I will end the fund raising now and will reach out again if I have to.

Meanwhile once I confirm all the treatment amounts, I will update again. Thank you everyone!

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