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It seems the question about whether countries would choose China or the US have been at the forefront of world issues lately, simply because of China’s sudden show of power in the South China Sea, and the US change of President and thus the change in their stance on world issues.

Singapore is not immune to all these talks. In a conference that included Professor Joseph Liow, dean of the S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, the question featured prominently. But Professor Low indicated that it is highly unlikely that Singapore will reach that crossroad. Singapore has long maintained that it does not want to choose between powers. However, the most recent developments in Malaysia and the Philippines has clearly shown that sides have been chosen by Singapore’s neighbours. And the Terrex issue also shows that Singapore is not sheltered anymore from great friendships with either super powers.

China and the US should never interfere in domestic politics, but when they choose to do so, are Singapore powerless to stop them? What about ordinary Singaporeans? Will we have to one day also choose sides? Big brother China, or the USA of Trump? Our government have to tread carefully on such issue, and make sure they earn their millions by keeping Singapore onside with both Super Powers.

Mohan A

A.S.S. Contributor

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