Appeal for UFun/UToken Victims

On behalf of victims of the UFun/UToken scam, KX-Unit is making an online appeal for all of the victims that have yet to join in the petition to come forward. As of now, 30 plus of the scam victims have already taken the first step to lodge police reports and join in our petition. KX-Unit is assisting victims of UFun/UToken and we hope those of you who are victims or aware of other victims in Singapore can join the collective efforts.

UFun/UToken is an international online investment scam platform dealing with virtual currency. It has been around since 2013 and has representatives all over the world, including Singapore. The main representative in-charge of their branch in Singapore shall be referred to as Mr X. According to the victims, he is the mastermind in Singapore and has relative autonomy to run the scam by training and instructing his many “down lines” or subordinates and “sales” agents below him to search for victims to target (including taxi drivers, housewives, senior citizens and more). He targets those who are unfamiliar with financial instruments by likening the UFun/UToken platform to Bitcoins, which is an established and recognized online currency.

According to the victims, Mr X has a particular way of dealing with them. He is very particular that all of them MUST submit their payment only by CASH to their respective agents, who will then submit the money up to him. In return, Mr X will “deposit” this money into their individual online accounts for them to check. But the truth is that these online accounts are simply databases reflecting number figures which has no relevant verification of Government Authority or Bank’s guarantee that reflect actual live money. But the victims do not know or understand that. As the mastermind behind the scene, Mr X took advantage of that to dupe the hard earned money of all the victims and this is unfair for the unknowing victims. For himself? Well, he is the owner of multiple business entities in Singapore.

When UFun/UToken collapsed, Mr X still continues to persuade and dupe the victims again and again. He asked for a 20% of their investment saving sum as an “administrative fee” to “port over” their online accounts to another online “investing platform” so that they can continue to “maintain their investment savings” their money. But that is not all. Till date, he has persuaded victims to port over THREE times to a total of 3 different online platforms since 2013, and he is still doing so. Such a despicable and unscrupulous act should not be allowed to continue his ways.

The victims of this UFun/UToken scam are coming forward together group by group, and they demand for justice to be served. If you are a victim, come forward to join the efforts:

Ricky Tan (Victims of Ufun Scam – Facebook Page): +65 9871 7027
KX-Unit and Associates Pte Ltd Main Office: +65 6291 3656
Whatsapp: +65 8112 7790
Email: [email protected]

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